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Medina Sidonia

Medina Sidonia

This is a picturesque Spanish city with 14,651 inhabitants. It’s famed for its bright white streets, looming balconies and epic monuments. It also has some beautiful fountains.

Medina SidoniaIt is located on the “bull route”, right in the heart of Cadiz province.

It’s perched on a hill. From here, you have excellent views over the surrounding countryside and down to the bay of Cadiz.

Going to Medina is like travelling back in time. The town itself is 3000 years old, and one gets the feeling that nothing has changed. It feels ancient. Nearly every street has some emblem of a past legacy.

The Roman colony of Asido Caesarina was constructed over Phoenician settlements at the top of the “Cerro del Castillo” which is over 300 metres high.

Under Visigoth rule, Medina was the capital of the province and has been the centre of the church since the late V century.

In 712, Medina was invaded by the Muslims. It then became Sidonia Cora. In 1264, King Alfonso X El Sabio (The Wise King) reconquered the town and it became part of the frontier with the Nazari Kingdom of Granada.