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Horse fair (Jerez)

JerezThe Gonzalez Hontoria fair park becomes a town within another town and it is lighted as if a brilliant sun has shined through more than 1,200,000 light bulbs with different colours.

You will enjoy yourself visiting the "casetas", these are marquees that have been set up specially for the occasion. Here you can drink, eat and dance for as long as your body will permit you to. There are more than 200 marquees.

More than 2,000,000 visitors in only 7 days, so you can imagine it is certainly worth coming to. There are also more than 52,000 square metres for children and adults with all types of rides and the typical funfair stalls. You will just watch in wonderment and excitement authentic swarms of people singing, laughing, dancing, simply enjoying the fun which accompanies the festival at the Horse Fair. During this week more than 500,000 bottles of wine will be drunk.

During the day hundred of horsemen and horsewomen very elegantly dressed in the typical costumes will parade through the main streets of the Fair. If you are a horse lover this is an event which must not be missed.

To ensure the safety of those present in the Fair, there are many rules which must be strictly complied with. You will see local and national police, private security guards, firemen, member of Red Cross and other sanitary services. Hygiene and cleanliness is very important. In other words the Feria of Jerez must be seen to be believed. Take my word for it, once you have been to the Fair I guarantee you will come back.