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Carnavales de Cádiz

Carnavales de Cádiz

As one of Spain's major ports during the 16th century, Cádiz copied the carnival of Venice, a city with which it had much trade, and since then it has become the liveliest and most dazzling carnival town in mainland Spain, famous for its amusing and creative characters and satirical song groups.

Cádiz is home to mainland Spain's premier carnival. In fact, numerous groups and associations throughout the city - along with the city hall, of course - spend the entire year preparing for the next carnival. Such dedication does, therefore, deserve more than just a weekend of festivities, which is why this most ancient of European cities keeps the celebration going for at least a good 10 days.

Newcomers to the Cádiz carnival will probably first notice the elaborate costumes which are on par with those of any great festival of this nature. However, music is possibly the most outstanding feature at this particular marathon event with locals working hard throughout the year to develop their acts and perfect their performances. Many will be competing at the city's Gran Teatro Falla.